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Covenant eighth grader, Stevie Michel, spent part of her summer in New York City and had the opportunity to perform with other students from around the world in the annual Golden Voices and Golden Strings of America 2012 International Competition. Stevie received first place in her division which allowed her to sing in Carnegie Hall.

Stevie said, "I had the honor of performing with music and voice prodigy children from Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Russia, Canada, and from the U.S. The highlights of the trip were: John’s Pizzeria pizza (Yummy), walking Times Square at night, visiting the Museum of National History, seeing “Wicked”, riding the Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us and saving a bird at Central Park."

Her favorite part of the trip besides performing was going to the Disney Store in her concert dress and watching children’s faces light up because they thought she was a real princess!