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National Catfish Month has been a “holiday” since 1988, and the team at Fish City Grill and Half Shells are celebrating in a big way! All Fish City Grill locations will feature a variety of catfish offerings for National Catfish Month, including fried, grilled or blackened catfish. Throughout the month, guests can also request a special “chicken fried” version of the tasty fish that is batter-dipped and fried!

Catfish often gets a bad reputation, and much of this is based upon a misconception. Because of their anatomy, catfish are often portrayed as “bottom feeders,” but that’s not entirely true. Catfish will feed on a variety of levels within their habitat, and that’s why the source of catfish is so important.

“We only source the highest quality farm-raised catfish from Alabama,” explained Fish City Grill Director of Food & Beverage Mary Bealmer. “There are many times when farm-raised is a superior product, and catfish is one of those. By creating a clean, well-managed aquaculture, our farmers are able to ensure a beautiful, distinctly flavored catfish that is raised in the healthiest environment possible.”

Often, people will find an imported product called catfish for substantially cheaper, but that is also inaccurate marketing. To be called catfish in America, the fish must be part of the Ictaluridae family, the fish family that includes channel catfish and other American breeds. Common Asian imports such as swai and basa are often inaccurately labeled as catfish and are not subjected to the same rigorous standards of health and purity.

“Since our inception more than 25 years ago, catfish has been an important part of our menu,” said Fish City Grill co-founder Bill Bayne. “We knew from the beginning we wanted to serve the highest quality catfish, and we worked to find the country’s best supplier. You can’t find a finer catfish dinner than in one of our restaurants.”

What:                  National Crawfish Month at Fish City Grill and Half Shells

                             Visit your local Fish City Grill or Half Shells and enjoy a catfish dinner featuring Alabama farm-raised catfish, either fried, chicken-fried, blackened or grilled


When:                 August 1-31, 2021


Where:               All Fish City Grill and Half Shells locations


Info:                    Visit



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