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Cherry Blossom Scrunchie+Scarf Set

DFW women's accessories brand Chic & Gold just launched its e-commerce store, with an aim to bring beautifully designed artisan-made accessories to fashion-forward women in North Texas. 

The brand debuted with a limited selection of hand-embroidered floral face masks and scrunchie+scarf sets. The fabric used is naturally dyed and handwoven using ancient techniques. The scrunchie+scarf sets, a favorite among the brand's early supporters, are designed to be worn separately, and can be styled in many different ways.

"I launched Chic & Gold for the modern, fashion-forward American woman," said Founder Munira Syeda. "I also had a strong desire to help North Texans learn about, appreciate and be inspired by Pakistan's time-honored handicrafts while also supporting women artisans there."

Syeda also said that North Texas is a great place for brands and customers who support artisans and artisan-made products, pointing to the Dallas-based The Citizenry, a home decor e-commerce company, and Akola Jewelry, that works with women artisans in Uganda, as examples. Akola Jewelry is also carried by Neiman Marcus. Both brands are women-founded.

"Here's an opportunity for North Texans to take a more active role in supporting high-quality, as opposed to mass produced, and feel good about having a direct role in supporting and reviving time-honored handicrafts around the world." 

Readers can learn more about and shop Chic & Gold accessories by visiting