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Kathy Thomas created game to keep family connected.

Explore the Spirit of Texas with a family fun game of chance this holiday season.  Texas Party Bingo, developed by U.P. resident Kathy Thomas, is launching this new informative game where players of all ages can learn fascinating facts about the Lone Star State in both English and Spanish.  The 10 unique Texas cards features creative folk art symbols, where up to 10 people can play at a time with one caller.

The game has been a family affair.  Bingo has been played by the Doyles for years at family gatherings.  This new game was developed during the pandemic as a way for the 30 family members, located around the state and in Australia, to stay connected with each other and connect with RoRo, the 90-year-old matriarch of the family and the original caller. 

Each family member suggested their favorite Texas symbol.  There was a very lively discussion and voting among the family on which symbol truly represents the state.  Two family members, illustrator Kristi Anderson and local Dallas designer Kalee Thomas, helped make this game come to life.

The game is sold at Party Bazaar on Lovers Lane and online at