Advance ER, a 24-hour emergency center in Dallas, Texas now offers PCR testing for COVID-19. The Rapid COVID-19 PCR testing uses “Polymerase Chain Reaction”, or PCR’s advanced technology which is believed to be the most accurate method to detect the presence of COVID-19 RNA
in a patient.

The PCR testing is administered by a medical professional through a nose swab sample, the same procedure as the Antigen testing. Normally, PCR testing results take a few days to get, but with Advance ER, they offer COVID-19 PCR tests with results available in minutes. It is one of the best ways to find early signs of detected viral RNA even before symptoms arise.

The Rapid COVID-19 PCR testing at Advance ER is approved by the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) under emergency use authorization. This development is set to grant Advance ER access to the full range of COVID-19 treatments and resources available in their two facilities in the Galleria Area and Park Cities. Furthermore, they have the same resources and prices any patient will find at a hospital ER.

Despite having many of the same services and standards as a hospital emergency room, Advance ER features various benefits and advantages that set them apart from the standard care center. Advance ER pride of having no wait times. It means that when a patient arrives, they will immediately see a doctor and a team of specialists will provide on-site specialty care for treatment and consultation.

“We’ve built a solid reputation for providing top-of-the-line emergency care for patients in Dallas,” according to Dr. Chiang, one of the emergency experts of Advance ER. “Our dedication extends to those of all ages. This service will help us deliver on our commitment to improving the lives of every person in
our area during the pandemic, by providing our staff with the tools and training needed to better serve our Emergency Room patients and improve the outcomes of their visit to us.”

Since opening its doors to Dallas residents, Advance ER has already made several headlines. Aside from its latest service offer which is PCR testing, the emergency clinic is the first of its kind to offer Monoclonal Antibody Treatment to its ER patients. The said service is available through the facility’s In-house testing system.

To learn more about Advance ER and the different services they offer, visit their website
at  or call their Park Cities branch at 214-494-8222, and their Galleria branch at
telephone number 214-247-7909.

About Advance ER:

Advance ER is dedicated to optimizing the quality of healthcare through an integrative approach to
health and wellness. As a result of their genuine dedication to help Dallas locals achieve a healthier
lifestyle, Advance ER is now offering PCR testing for COVID-19 with results available in minutes.