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Now in its third year of operation, Restore + Revive Wellness Center - a fully comprehensive wellness center located in Fort Worth, TX Co-Founded by a Family Nurse Practitioner with a focus in Functional Medicine and a Certified Nutritionist - partners with local regenerative farmers to bring organically grown produce, pasture-raised, grass-fed meats, eggs and more straight from local farms to the kitchen tables of the Fort Worth community with The R+R Farm Co-op.

“Nutrition is one of the pillars of Restore + Revive Wellness Center, and we preach all the time how food really is medicine. Pasture-raised, grass-fed meats are far more nutritious than grain-fed due to the amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and much more. To be able to offer such nutritious food grown locally through sustainable farming techniques is as good as it gets in the nutrition department.” states Dabney Poorter, RN, CN and R+R Co-Founder.

The dream of The R+R Farm Co-Op began with an introduction to Robert D. Copeland (aka Bob) while planning for The Restore + Revive Fall Market. The sunny farmer/rancher who owns and operates Sunflower Farms’ passion for nutrition-dense, regenerative farming seemed to be more than complementary to Restore + Revive’s own wellness-focused mission. Plans began to formulate for how to offer the nutritious produce and pasture-raised meat Bob has at his fingertips to Restore + Revive’s own wellness-loving community. 

One may be wondering why there is a need for a farming cooperative and regenerative farming when there are supermarkets packed with produce and meat. Here's why: The conventional food system is failing the American people. Farmlands are over-grazed and livestock are shoved into concrete living quarters at the expense of bottom lines, and as a result, humans, livestock, and the environment (especially the soil) have been negatively impacted.

Bob sums up the heart behind The R+R Farm Co-Op by stating, “My goal is to fix our fouled up food system by bringing sustainable farmers together with people who want the most nutritious food available locally." Further, the very nature of a local farming cooperative omits the fear of looming national supply chain issues.

Regenerative agriculture, at its core, aims to take care of the land and take care of the animals grazing it by letting nature work as intended. Its methods are counter-culture to pumping the life out of the land and stuffing animals in abysmal living conditions. This more patient, counter-culture approach requires a community aspect in order to thrive, thus the appeal of a farming cooperative where like-minded farmers can pool the fruits of their labor and share expenses. Sustainable, regenerative farming methods offer a three-pronged solution to the benefit of humans by providing more nutrient-dense food, to the animals by giving them the room they need to roam, and to the environment by limiting chemical run-off and other harmful practices.

First, an annual Co-Op Membership of $89 must be secured. Memberships go toward supporting the farmer’s supplies, inclement weather issues, production and transportation as well as toward operational costs to run The R+R Farm Co-Op. After a Membership is purchased, customers can shop for produce, meats, eggs, and unique canned goods during the bi-monthly shopping windows open every other Friday through Monday. Customers will then pick up their conveniently bundled goods the Thursday following the order window at Restore + Revive Wellness Center located at 5001 Byers Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 76107 from 11 am-5 pm. 

Please visit www.therrfarmcoop.comfor further information on How It Works, FAQ, to browse available products, and for the calendar of ordering and pick-up dates. Memberships must be secured through the Restore + Revive Wellness Center website before purchasing from The R+R Farm Co-Op.


Restore + Revive Wellness Center, located in Fort Worth, TX opened its doors in January 2020 as a welcoming space to offer complete healing and wellness… all under one roof. Within the four walls, R+R offers functional medicine, nutrition consultations, wellness and supplement shop, infrared sauna, IV vitamin therapy + vitamin shot bar, detox foot soaks, ZYTO scans, holistic bodywork/massage, women’s physical therapy, neuro integration therapy, a holistic esthetician, The R+R Clean Blow Dry Bar, non-toxic nails, as well as a boutique fitness studio. Head to our website and Instagram to learn more.