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Residents and staff of The Legacy Willow Bend and The Legacy Preston Hollow recently took time to celebrate the joyous holiday of Sukkot and give thanks for the fall harvest. Both communities constructed their own Sukkah, which is a temporary dwelling built to symbolize the shelters where the children of Israel lived for 40 years in the desert. Residents and families at both communities participated in a special service. Cantor Don Croll, Emeritus from Temple Shalom, led the service at The Legacy Willow Bend, and Bruce Feldman led a service at The Legacy Preston Hollow. The Sukkot holiday, also called Z’man Simchateinu (Season of Our Rejoicing), is a time of celebration that brings families together to express joy for the blessings they have been provided.

“This is a meaningful time to admire and give thanks for the beauty and nature surrounding us, as we celebrate this fall harvest holiday,” said Marilyn Israel, executive director of The Legacy Willow Bend. “The Sukkah erected with the foliage and flowers are beautiful reminders to appreciate the bounty of the earth. The residents and their families truly enjoy spending time together in the Sukkah.”

Both communities had traditional Sukkot symbols on hand to use during services. The lulav (palm branches, leafy boughs and willow collectively bound together) and the etrog (citrus fruit) were waved in six directions to show that God is everywhere. In addition, the seniors recited prayers and sang songs together.

“Sukkot is a favorite holiday for many people, and it brings back fond memories of celebrating with family in the Sukkah over the years,” said Andrea Statman, Development Director for The Legacy Senior Communities. “It is important for us to continue the tradition and build Sukkahs at both of our communities for the residents to enjoy. Many will gather outside for services, and at different times throughout the week, inside of the Sukkahs to admire their beauty and reflect on the holiday.”