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The Town of Highland Park Parks Department and Dallas County Health and Human Services monitors several mosquito traps within the town limits. Mosquito samples from each trap are tested on a weekly basis for: (1) total number of adult mosquitoes in each trap; and (2) the presence of West Nile Virus (WNV). The total number of mosquitoes for a trap in Quadrant D (Quadrant D defined as area east of Preston Road and Oak Lawn Avenue to Town limits and south of Beverly Drive to Town limits) has reached the treatable threshold as established by the Town’s Mosquito Control Policy, therefore, the Parks Department will conduct ground spraying measures to reduce the density of adult mosquito populations. The Town’s decision to use adulticide is based on the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendations that surveillance data, when combined with established thresholds, indicates a necessity to reduce the density of adult mosquito populations quickly to lower the risk of WNV. None of the mosquitoes in any trap tested positive for West Nile Virus.

The following is a listing of mosquito ground spraying dates, times, and locations:

  •   Tuesday, July 29: 8:-10 p.m. Highland Park Pool area and unoccupied tennis courts

  •   Tuesday, July 29: 10 p.m.-5 a.m. Truck mounted ground spraying in Quadrant D only

  •   Wednesday, July 30: 8 p.m.-10 p.m. Highland Park Pool area and unoccupied tennis courts

  •   Wednesday, July 30: 10 p.m.-5 a.m. Truck mounted ground spraying in Quadrant D only

    While it is more common for municipalities to conduct ground spraying when a single trap captures 100 mosquitoes, the Town conservatively initiates this step at 50 mosquitoes. Similarly, the Town provides ground spraying for two consecutive days while the many other municipalities spray only one day. Both these Town efforts are examples of its conservative aproach to managing mosquito populations. In the event of rain or wind speeds in excess of 10 m.p.h., the spraying will be rescheduled. Highland Park residents should remain inside and protect pets during the time the sprayers are in your area. Any pet water dishes left outside should be cleaned after spraying.

    In addition to the spraying, Highland Park Public Works Department has been locating and eliminating standing water in low lying areas of public right-of-ways. Individuals are encouraged to survey their yard for any areas with standing water, such as flower pot basins, bird baths and pet dishes. Shrubbery and landscaping near the foundation harbor mosquitoes during the day due to the cool, moist environment. Mosquitoes are known to be most active in the dawn and dusk periods of the day. Individuals are encouraged to limit outdoor exposure during these times. The use of insect repellant is highly recommended. Always follow manufacturer’s directions when using mosquito repellant or insect spray. Commercial products for yard applications are available at local home improvement stores or at Town Hall.

Town personnel are available to provide free home inspections of your yard to assist in identifying possible areas of mosquito breeding along with an inspection of yard irrigation systems. Residents are encouraged to call 214-521-4161 to arrange a free inspection of their property.

Additional information may be found on the Town website.

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