Lynne Walters – Guest Contributor
Jun 6 2014
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Highlander Band Kick-Off Camp Photo by Greg Sommers

Students had just finished final exams two days before, but the Highlander Band of Highland Park High School was fast at work during a kick-off band camp on June 2-3.  The Highlander Band, which has 144 students, attended band camp in preparation for the fall football season and marching competitions. Taking 39 incoming freshmen with no previous marching experience and teaching them how to march is no easy feat.  Freshmen had to learn a new way to walk for marching band, by walking with their heels and rolling to their toes (called roll-step). 

In addition, students had to run laps around the parking lot and do various calisthenics such as push-ups and  jumping jacks.  At the conclusion of the camp, Mr. Corey Parks, assistant band director, encouraged the students to work on physical fitness in addition to practicing their new music during June and July to be prepared for their intensive band camp in August.  The Highlander Band will next perform in the Park Cities 4th of July Parade.