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Local Park Cities Doctor Finds Diagnosis for Democracy in Conservative Political Blog

Dr. Rob Tenery, MD is an emerging conservative voice whose in-depth research, analysis and understanding of current events establish him as a credible resource for political groups, outlets, thinkers, writers and more. His shrewd awareness of current events and deep levels of dogged research penetrate the core of every major issue in the news today. He addresses these issues in his blog,  Diagnosis for Democracy. Tenery's goal is to prepare American voters for the 2016 presidential election by educating the public on pivotal political issues and resuscitate the Republican party. 

In his most recent blog post, dated Dec. 7, Tenery uses his expertise as a practicing physician from a long line of medical practitioners to address the reality of the Affordable Care Act. "Even if the Affordable Care Act is partially overturned by the next administration, hospital based Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) as opposed to physician led ACOs, are becoming the norm for institutional delivery of health care," he says. "The mindset by those that run the systems is for patients to think of their medical center as their doctor, and not of an individual as their doctor--the depersonalization of health care delivery." Physicians used to have a voice, he says. But we let it slip away.

The consequences of our current health care system is only the most recent controversial topic Tenery has tackled in his writing. Other domestic and international issues address in Diagnosis for Democracy include: the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and elsewhere, ISIS, the presidential primary debates, the reality of Trump's campaign, U.S. racial tension, national debt and the Bengahazi hearings.

As "America's Doctor," Tenery challenges readers to question information, encourages meaningful discourse and inspires change through voting. "Since the estimates classify about 50 percent of the voting population as uninformed, it is then pursuant for the other half to not just regurgitate the same old talking points," says Tenery. "They should question and compare, not just from their old trough, but other troughs of information."

Tenery is a Dallas ophthalmologist and third generation physician. He was a monthly contributor to the American Medical News for most of the 1990s and he has published three books including, Dr. Mayo's Boy: A Century of American Medicine (Brown Books Publishing Group).

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Monday, December 7, 2015