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Park Cities residents can take down and recycle their Mad for Plaid yard signs because the Highland Park Independent School District has officially wrapped up the annual fundraiser.

The Mad for Plaid campaign raised $2,170,099 from 2,390 donors this year, which will help fund teachers' salaries, classroom technology and a variety of other educational efforts in the Highland Park school district.

"It is inspirational to see our parents, grandparents, employees and community members rise to the occasion to support our children and our community schools," said Dawson Orr, the HPISD superintendent, according to a news release. "We all know that these are challenging times, both in terms of state cuts to education and the overall economy, which makes this generous statement all the more powerful."

The number of donors this year increased by 12 percent. Here's more information about the donors:

  • 249 donors were HPISD grandparents,
  • 1,312 donors were HPISD parents,
  • 246 donors were HPISD employees.