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Burger House People wait in line outside of Burger House located off Hillcrest Avenue in Snider Plaza at 1:40 p.m. for 60-cent cheeseburgers.

In honor of its sixtieth anniversary, Burger House is selling 60-cent cheeseburgers all day long today, but guests better be prepared for a wait.

It is 1:40 p.m. as I am typing this story, and there is currently a line out the door of Burger House's location on Hillcrest Avenue in Snider Plaza.

According to Burger House's website, there will be free items given away throughout the day at each location, including burgers, fries, t-shirts and hats to people who fill out an info card in the store.

With exception to the Hillcrest location, the special 60-cent burgers are only available for dine-in customers. Are you willing to go brave the line for a delicious (albeit not-quite-so healthy) meal?