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Jul 14 @ 12:00
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Fajita Fiesta home hosts Dave and Susan Cook

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas Hosts Fajita Fiesta

La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas 
celebrated the 2017 Duchesses, their fathers and their Escorts at the annual Fajita Fiesta Party. The traditional fajita party was held on the evening of Thursday June 8th before the Presentation Gala rehearsal.  Susan and Dave Cook hosted the poolside dinner at their Lovers Lane estate.  Ellen Smith and Jill Tananbaum served as Co-Chairs under the guidance of the season's La Fiesta Social Co-Chairs Megan Saustad and Pam Stegenga.   Following the party, the group shifted to the nearby Highland Park High School Auditorium to discover the much-anticipated Duchess and Escort pairings for the Saturday evening Presentation Gala "La Fête Royale" at the Fairmont Hotel, chaired by Anne Besser and Michelle Johnson.

Photos by James French Photography.

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