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Jul 11 @ 19:00
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Awarded the Order of the Fan for their outstanding contribution of time and talent to La Fiesta for many years, Rebecca Beasley and Lillian Dona (center), with La Fiesta Board President Mary Hubbard
La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas honored the 2017 Duchesses at the Annual Guild Tea held on June 7th at Dallas Country Club.  Guild members, Duchess and Escort mothers, grandmothers and their guests were treated to afternoon tea fare and a formal introduction of each Duchess. 
Guild president Polly McKeithen awarded the “Order of the Fan” to Rebecca Beasley and Lillian Dona, an honor for Guild members who have given extraordinary volunteer service to La Fiesta.  The Tea was chaired by Kay Braly and Amy Jent. 
Photos by James French Photography         
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