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How About More Parking Options for Snider Plaza

On July 12, the City of University Park’s Planning and Zoning Commission approved a plan for the development of office, retail and restaurant uses at the OLD Chase Bank building at Hillcrest and Daniel.

Here’s what the Commission approved:

  • The office building was to be no taller than 114.5 feet; and
  • The glass on office building was to be limited to no more than 20% reflectivity. By comparison, the Museum Tower downtown (which has been in the news so much because of its excessive reflectivity) has a reflectivity of 44%; and
  • Raise the wall along the perimeter of the parking lot structure so that neighbors will be screened from seeing large SUVs parked on the upper-most level.

Here’s what the developer, Strode Property Company, altered to accommodate concerns and comments from the neighborhood and businesses in Snider Plaza:

  • The office building height was reduced to 99.5’ tall; and
  • To address comments about the amount of glass, "ribbons" of stone (exact stone to be determined) were added to the office building. These "ribbons" of stone were added to the entire frontage facing Haynie and Hillcrest. The "ribbons" were also added to the southern half of the west-facing frontage. Facing Snider Plaza and the northern half of the west-facing frontage, the glass was kept as presented to the Commission.

Other benefits that Park Plaza will offer the community, the neighborhood and the businesses of Snider Plaza:

  • The developer is required by the City of UP to provide approximately 595 parking spaces in order to meet the City’s Parking Code. Park Plaza will build approximately 710 parking spaces…a surplus of 115 parking spaces above what’s required. Our hope is that the additional parking will help relieve some of the parking stress in Snider Plaza as well as provide the customers of Park Plaza’s retail and restaurant businesses adequate, safe and easy parking to ensure the success of the project. 
  • The obvious benefit that this old, tired and vacant corner is finally going to be new, nice and clean! And as a side note, more and more time and resources are being spent removing the graffiti on the walls at the building.
  • Also, this new development will provide new shopping places, eating spots and office options for the citizens and families of University Park. 
  • The incredible benefit of additional tax dollars for the City of University Park and Highland Park ISD. By conservative estimates, Park Plaza should provide ANNUAL property tax revenues to the City of at least $142,000 and to HPISD of $611,000! …THAT’S EVERY YEAR, NOT JUST ONE YEAR OR OCCASIONALLY!


Thank you for your support!

— Strode Property Company

Tuesday, September 6, 2016