spdalton – Guest Contributor
May 16 2011

Thank you to all of the HPISD voters that took the time to vote in the recent school board election.  I appreciate your confidence in me, and will do my best to represent the interests of all the members of the community.

Special thanks to those that contributed money to my campaign, put a sign in their yard, or publically endorsed me.  Your support is humbling.  I promise the signs will be gone soon.

Finally, thanks to Amy for your efforts and a race well run.  We agreed to run a positive campaign early on, and you absolutely kept your promise.  As we discussed, there isn’t a long line of people willing to step up and run for this position, and your willingness to do so is commendable.  I think you have a lot to offer the district, and hope you stay involved.

This community has a lot to be proud of, including our excellent schools.  I look forward to serving you and maintaining this level of excellence.

Sam Dalton