pcmom23605 – Guest Contributor
Apr 26 2011
Dear Saffie,

I've noticed that Bubblelife has posted some questions asked by a community member to both Sam Dalton and Amy Titus.  I have some questions too.

Last week my husband attended a breakfast at Armstrong sponsored by the Dad's Club.  At the meeting, Sam Dalton spoke and told the dads that he was running for school board and wanted their vote.  I don't know what Sam said exactly but this is what my husband came away having heard.  "Vote for me because I'm a dad and she's a mom.  I have four kids and she has two and she doesn't even send them to Park Cities schools." 

Now I have to say I am surprised.  Not surprised about this stereotypical men's hearing but that Sam Dalton would use this means to try and get support from dads there.  Carol Dalton is a peach and has done so much on so many committees and I can't believe he would actually use "She's a mom" as a negative thing about the other candidate who is a mom.  I've known the Daltons and have seen Carol volunteer, and she's amazing.

I would like for both candidates to answer the following questions.

Why does your position as a mom/dad make you better qualified to be on the school board?

How does your having children in/not in the school district help your perspective?

Thank you.
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