BubbleLife Staff – BubbleLife Staff
Apr 25 2011

Cigars for Patriots is a program sponsored by Sacred Cigars and DHL, where customers can purchase cigars individually or by the box that will be shipped overseas. Sacred Cigars is located inside Snider Plaza next to Wells Fargo.

These cigars will be stacked onto a pallet that DHL graciously offered to pick up and ship to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Every cigar purchased for the donation will be sold at a 30% discount, but Sacred Cigars encourages its customers to buy by the box to make donating a bit easier. Boxes contain 20 to 25 cigars.

The pallet is located inside the walk-in humidor at Sacred Cigars. We hope this will be the first of many shipments to bring a little piece of home to our soldiers serving in the armed forces.

We salute our soldiers, and this is a great way to show them we are thinking about them. 

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