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Welcome to the second week of Best of BubbleLife. This time, we're looking for the best annual event in your hometown. From 4th of July to Oktoberfest, we want to know what event makes your community special.  

This is your opportunity to brag about your neighborhood. Sure, every city has a Christmas event, but what makes yours the best? What event would bring someone from Richardson to Arlington? When should someone hit the highway and visit your hometown? 

By the end of the survey, we hope to make a calendar of annual events, a comprehensive list of "must dos" in D/FW. We need your help, so start voting!

Caitlin is a Baylor graduate with a degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. Before graduating from Baylor, Caitlin studied in London and completed a novella as part of the honors program. When Caitlin is not covering neighborhood news for BubbleLife, she enjoys writing, reading and drinking coffee. - Contact Caitlin at