jcullentx942 – Guest Contributor
May 24 2011

Inside inBOOK Case for Kindle

E-readers are superior to paper books for a lot of reasons, from the massive number of volumes a single device can hold to the ability to wirelessly download new titles without ever setting foot in a book store.

But for some people, the physical look and feel of a book is a big deal, something that a plastic gadget just can't duplicate.

So Allen residents John Cullen and his wife Connie have created a product that brings the book feel to the e-reader's technical superiority.

The inBOOK cases are actual hardback books with the pages carved out to make room for Kindle or Nook e-readers (more devices will be supported soon).

Each case is handmade, and even includes an audio port for the Kindle models so you can still listen to the text-to-speech and MP3 playback.

Here's a brief description of the different inBOOK cases that will be available at launch:

We will offer two models for the Kindle (Second Generation and Kindle 3) and the Nook (Nook Color and Nook). The "Biblio" model will be unique in its design and will have 16 pages in front of the custom insert where the e-reader resides. Biblio will be offered with either a Sherlock Holmes cover and short story, "Musgrave Ritual" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice". The Austen design will contain the famous opening sentence from from "Pride and Prejudice" using a font created from Jane Austen's own handwriting, followed 15 journal style pages.

The "Folio" model will use an articulated cover allowing for the cover to be folded completely behind the e-reader. Folio models will be wrapped in TOCCA in either tan or black, and will include motivational/inspirational quotes embossed directly into the cover.

You can pre-order an inBOOK case on Kickstarter here,, its not too late to think about Father's Day and not too soon to get that unique gift for Christmas.  Kickstarter pre-orders receive a $15 discount off the $50 retail.