Matthew Biggin – Guest Contributor
Sep 25 @ 4:07 pm
SMU Gilbert Lecture Series



Central Standard Time



Hyer Building, Room 100
6424 Robert S. Hyer Lane
Dallas, Texas 75205

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SMU Gilbert Lecture Series


Compassion and Confession

Dr. Leslie Jamison

Novelist & Non-Fiction Writer


SMU Hyer Hall, Room 100

6:00 pm Reception, 6:30 pm Lecture


Abstract: What are the artistic and moral complexities of writing about other peoples’ lives? I’ll explore the obligations a writer might feel towards her subjects—the interplay between guilt and the affection, between care and skepticism--by examining my own experiences writing about long distance runners, prison inmates, whale fanatics, and medical patients. What does it mean to confess the self—in all its quandaries and questions—inside a piece of reportage? How does a piece work differently when it includes reported material alongside deeply personal reflections—when we sense the reporter as a deeply emotional presence with a story of her own?

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