In Their Footsteps: The Genealogical Tourist



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Highland Park Library
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In Their Footsteps: The Genealogical Tourist

Saturday, September 24 at 11:00 a.m.

Ages 18 and Up

 Learn about the growing popularity of genealogical tourism, or roots tourism, from genealogy and heraldry expert David B. Appleton.

Genealogical tourism is on the rise. What is it? Why is it becoming increasingly popular? Should you consider becoming a genealogical tourist? Discover the answers to these questions, learn some of the national and regional resources now available to the genealogical tourist, find out what to consider in planning, preparing, and packing for such a trip, and hear some practical advice (some learned the hard way). Most important, though, see what you might expect to gain personally from “walking in the footsteps” of your ancestors.

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