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texmexplainer taqueria colorsWhen Chilangos Tacos opened its first location on Harry Hines Boulevard in Dallas in 2019, I hadn’t seen anything like it in Texas. Owner and Mexico City native Jon Garay says the taqueria’s red-and-white color scheme that appears on the hand-painted signage, tables, and logo were inspired by the taquerias of his youth. “Chilangos is a representation of paying homage to the old-school, real taquerias from the nineties,” Garay explains. What I didn’t know then was how influential the red-and-white color palette really is and how it would proliferate across taquerias nationwide in subsequent years. Garay has stuck with the color scheme as Chilangos Tacos has expanded to more locations, including a third Dallas outpost that opened in September. At that newest location, the dining room…

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