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Ode to Booked UpBy 2002, when I first visited Larry McMurtry’s enormous bookstore, Booked Up, it was already legend. Its used, rare, and collectible books took up 30 percent of Archer City’s 66,518-square-feet of commercial space with rows upon rows of shelves. You couldn’t miss it. As an added attraction, I was told, the Pulitzer winner was often spotted working there, unboxing new acquisitions, weeding out any junk reads, and writing prices on the top right-hand corner of the first blank page in light pencil.Since I was driving down Highway 281 from Wichita Falls to Brownsville for a story for this magazine, I would be skirting right past it. Archer City, then, was where I’d spend the first night of my drive. While I did love the smell…

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