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Barbecue from East TX Rust BBQ in Winnsboro.Since last summer, the small East Texas town of Winnsboro has seen its barbecue fortunes rise. Three different joints have opened, which is unusual for a town of 3,500 people that’s not along a major highway. I drove there on a recent Saturday to see what was smoking, and to find out if this town’s appetite was big enough for such a rapid infusion.Exiting Interstate 30 in Sulphur Springs, I resisted the urge to stop at Slaughter’s BBQ Oasis, an impressive food truck that’s completing renovations on its brick-and-mortar. Instead, I drove thirty minutes to reach Winnsboro. The sign for Coyote Smoke BBQ came into view just as I entered city limits. Wylie Smithwick reopened his truck in June after acquiring the land it sits…

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