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James Reyos in Austin on October 4, 2023.For years, every time James Reyos would leave his small room in an Austin apartment complex, he imagined there was a word on his forehead, flashing like a neon sign. Sometimes it said “GUILTY.” Other times it said “MURDERER.” In his mind, the words would blink on and off as he sat on the bus or walked down the street to go to the convenience store.Reyos knew he wasn’t a killer—he was a mild-mannered, gay Apache Indian from New Mexico. But back in 1983, Reyos, then a 27-year-old unemployed oil field roustabout, had been convicted of the brutal 1981 murder of an Irish priest in Odessa—even though he had receipts proving that at the time of the killing, he was 215 miles away. He was…

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