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Anne Rapp in her 1967 Ford Custom 500 on June 16, in Austin.For the first time in three years, Anne Rapp is going home. The widely admired filmmaker, who got her big break four decades ago as script supervisor on the Texas classic Tender Mercies, is making the 385-mile drive from Austin, where she’s lived since 1999, to the Panhandle hamlet of Estelline. These trips are always bittersweet. She’s looking forward to visiting her oldest friends and her homestead, but every time she returns, she sees how much the town has changed. She doesn’t like watching it disappear.It’s early October 2022, and the drive, normally about six and a half hours, takes longer than it should when Rapp is behind the wheel. Every time she tells a story, she reflexively slows to below the speed limit (“If…

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