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The Sinister History Behind Texas' Cliff Chirping FrogThe first time I heard the chirping, at dusk, I thought it was an odd species of nocturnally active bird. The chirps were high-pitched, like the sound of a basketball player’s sneakers squeaking against the court, and they occasionally shifted into a quick trill like a cricket’s. This “bird” would keep me up at night, since the frequency of its call was higher than the subtle hum of my white noise machine. It seemed to stay in the same general area, though, somewhat unlike a bird, which led me to google “chirping frog Central Texas.”Suddenly an amateur herpetologist, I surmised that it was Eleutherodactylus marnockii, the cliff chirping frog, especially after I listened to some recordings. While the frog typically sticks to rocky outcroppings, it…

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