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An Ode to the Century PlantTexan botany is a crowded landscape, at least figuratively speaking. So many plants have become cherished state symbols: Bluebonnets are beautiful, prickly pears are rugged, and pecan trees are stately. East Texans have their longleaf and loblolly pines, West Texans are fond of yucca and ocotillo, and in San Angelo, folks love their water lilies. Even among these exceptional Texan flora, however, the century plant stands out.Sometimes called the granddaddy of agaves, the century plant demands attention. Its spiny leaves sprawl out like octopus tentacles, eventually occupying the same amount of space as a mid-sized car. Mature century plants can reach six feet in height and ten feet in circumference, and that’s before they grow their most imposing, eye-catching feature later in life. Pass a…

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