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Best Thing in Texas: A Houston Woman Finished a 40,000-Piece PuzzleWHO: Puzzle master Emily Seidel, 29, from the Houston suburb of Cypress.WHAT: One of the biggest jigsaw puzzles you’ve ever seen.WHY IT’S SO GREAT: The only thing worse than losing a puzzle piece is losing a puzzle piece for a 40,000-piece puzzle. That’s what happened to Emily Seidel sometime in the spring of 2020, when COVID-19 lockdowns left her with ample free time to devote to her longtime hobby. But while many folks’ pandemic pastimes would be short-lived—admit it, your sourdough starter is languishing in your freezer—Seidel stuck with it. Nearly four years later, she finished the massive Ravensburger Disney Moments puzzle earlier this month (and found the missing piece).Seidel grew up around puzzles. Her grandparents in Buffalo, New York, always kept a half-finished jigsaw scene…

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