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Texas Excess: CrayolaThe collection49,000 crayons.Years in the makingTwenty.Most rare itemA single Torch Red crayon. The color, a true primary red, was only available for one year before its name was changed.There are few things more wholesome than a crayon, a children’s tool used to make imaginative creatures and colors manifest on the page. The smell of the art utensil, which is to say the smell of wax, can snap a tax-paying adult’s brain back to a freer, simpler time. The moment you cross the threshold into Richard and Ginger Gwyn’s home in Kerrville, about an hour northwest of San Antonio, you’re hit with the scent of an elementary school classroom, or of a young person’s playroom, or of the unbridled creativity of childhood. “It’s wax to the max,” Richard…

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