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A historical footage still image of David Koresh from Waco: American Apocalypse on Netflix.The Waco siege was made for television. From the opening volley of the February 28, 1993, raid on the Branch Davidians’ compound at Mount Carmel, which was captured in real time by a local news crew, to the April 19 fire that brought the subsequent 51-day standoff to its ashen, funereal end, there was nary a moment of the Waco saga that didn’t play out in front of a camera. Inside the complex, David Koresh, the Branch Davidians’ self-proclaimed messiah, was making his own videos as well, taping himself even while he lay seriously wounded, using a camera provided to him by the FBI. Taken collectively, all of that footage helped sustain the Waco standoff within the 24-hour cable news cycle that, in 1993, was…

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