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Bone Marrow Tacos from Taco Shop in El Paso.Santiago Reyes was trying to impress a girl. The teenager told a young lady he could cook when he actually didn’t know how. Reyes’s brother took pity on the young man and introduced him to Chris Morrill, a chef and friend who could teach him some culinary skills. After a good chuckle, Morrill helped him out and encouraged Reyes to pursue a career in food. “Ever since then, we’ve just been cooking together,” Reyes says of Morrill, who is his business partner in Around the World Catering Services and their taqueria, Taco Shop, both based in El Paso.The catering company came first. It was established in 2009 and was doing so well neither Morrill nor Reyes considered opening a restaurant. Why would they, when the…

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