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Texas Brand Bracket: Round 4The Ultimate Texas Brand Bracket is hurtling toward its conclusion. As voters have narrowed down the initial 64 brands to our Elite Eight, the top seeds have largely proven their strength. We’ve still got three one-seeds and three two-seeds alive, along with a four (Blue Bell) and a five (Schlitterbahn). Let’s get right into the matchups that will determine our Final Four. RestaurantsA Homegrown Texas Brand Versus One We’ve Proudly ClaimedTechnically speaking, neither Whataburger nor Dairy Queen is, at this point, purely Texan. Since 2019, Whataburger has been owned by Chicago-based BDT Capital. DQ, meanwhile, started in Illinois and is headquartered in Minnesota—although the history behind the Texas Dairy Queen Operators Council gives us a unique claim to joint custody of the brand. The question, then, is,…

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