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James Reyos (center) with supporters. L to R, back to front: Greg Barber, Sarah Dickie, Addy May, Linzy Hill, Allison Clayton, James Reyos, and Mike Ware.Almost forty years ago, in June 1983, James Harry Reyos walked into the Seventieth District Court in Odessa to be put on trial for the brutal murder of a Catholic priest in a seedy motel room just a mile away. Reyos, a gay Native American with a couple of court-appointed lawyers, didn’t stand a chance. Though there wasn’t a shred of physical evidence connecting him to the bloody crime scene—and even though he had a paper trail proving his alibi that, at the time of the murder, he was 215 miles away in Roswell, New Mexico—he was found guilty and sent to prison.Friday, March 24, Reyos walked into the same courtroom for an evidentiary hearing on whether or not he should be found legally “actually…

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