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Denton Machuga placing a rock high atop his record-setting 101-inch stack in the individual height competition at the 2023 Llano Earth Art Festival.On a mild Saturday morning in March, I wound my way west from Austin through the Hill Country along Texas Highway 29, took a left through downtown Llano, the barbecue haven and “Deer Capital of Texas,” and clambered down to the banks of the Llano River into another world.In the shadow of the county courthouse and the historic Roy B. Inks Bridge, every corner of the hillside revealed another bit of improbably arranged nature: rock cairns stacked three or four or a dozen high, a stone beehive hut fit for a flock of porgs, and a dozen smooth river rocks balanced in a neat line on the ridge of a chunk of gray granite, like petrified travelers in an airport security line.This idyllic little ripple…

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