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Bowl of Carne Guisada garnished with cheese and cilantro.It’s too cold out there, y’all. When the temperatures dip, and ERCOT comes calling, Texans know: ’tis the season to slurp. While the Lone Star State is better known for its stifling heat and scorching summers, Texans still understand what’s what when it comes to classic soups and stews. Pozole, carne guisada, and chili (of course) are all familiar guests on Texas tables when the temps begin to dip. And for good reason. Nourishing, filling, and infinitely reheatable, soup is as practical as it is satisfying. In an effort to relieve Texans of their shivers, we’ve curated a list of nine favorite soup and stew recipes (plus a bonus recipe for—what else?—cornbread). The dishes below will help fight off the chill and offer comfort in the cold, all…

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