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Fritz Von Erich prepares to throw Buddy Marino to the mat in their match.Texans love their larger-than-life heroes, and few icons have towered as large in the state’s imagination as the Von Erichs, the troubled family dynasty who dominated professional wrestling in North Texas during the sport’s territorial era. To their many devotees, from Dallas to Japan to the Middle East, the Von Erich brothers—especially Kerry, Kevin, and David—represented archetypal American heroism. They were the muscled heartthrobs on your bedroom wall, the brothers who had each other’s backs through thick and thin, the modern-day warriors who embodied impossible athletic ideals. But if you know the story of the Von Erichs and of World Class Championship Wrestling, which the family ran from their home base in the Metroplex, then you know that the wholesome image was just another wrestling gimmick.…

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