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We Salute Hardhead Catfish Dads, Which Protect Their Hatchlings By Carrying Them in Their MouthsIn the current of public opinion, it seems the sea catfish is always swimming upstream. Indeed, both marine catfish species that populate the Gulf of Mexico—the gafftopsail (Bagre marinus) and the hardhead (Ariopsis felis)—are maligned by Texas anglers. Their meat isn’t as good as that of their freshwater brethren, they’re covered in a disgusting slime, and they have toxic barbs on their spines that inflict painful, lasting stings. The hardhead is particularly despised, not for being stubborn or anything (in fact, the name comes from a big bone at the top of its head), but because it’s everywhere—the most common catch in many areas along the coast—and yet considered a “trash fish,” i.e., a catch whose only real value is in being turned into bait…

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