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Coastal-Cowgirl-Fashion-Trend-TikTokOn a breezy Sunday in late May, I walk into a boutique on Dallas’s Henderson Avenue called Favor the Kind to crack the case on the fashion world’s latest trend: the coastal cowgirl. “You’re speaking my love language,” says manager Haley Diaz, age 26, placing two representative pieces on a clothes hook. The top is a tropical-print halter that ties at the rib cage, and the bottom is a white prairie skirt that comes to the ankles. Together, the outfit says, I’m down to party, but not till I pick these wildflowers.“My mom might say those two things don’t go together,” I tell her, because it’s easier to throw my 78-year-old mother under the bus than admit this criticism is mine. “Exactly!” Diaz says. She likes…

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