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The deluxe platter at Texas Barbeque in Nairobi includes brisket, chicken, pork ribs and deep-fried bhajia (thinly sliced potatoes).The sign above my head read “Texas Barbeque.” The smell of brisket, pork ribs, and other slow-cooked meats wafted from just beyond the swinging double glass doors in front of me. But even if the scene felt somewhat like home, I couldn’t escape the truth. I was more than 8,600 miles from where I grew up and lived part-time in the quiet piney woods of East Texas. I was on the outskirts of Kenya’s cosmopolitan capital, Nairobi.By then, I’d spent six weeks traveling Kenya. I intended to somehow avoid the reality that I’d recently split from my fiancée, with whom I’d spent five years, in June. In late August, I found myself boarding a plane to Kenya, where I’d venture through its Serengeti plains all…

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