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How a Teenage Dance Crew Is Changing the DNA of QuinceañerasOn a crisp evening in North Houston, the Ab Boyz get into formation in the parking lot of a banquet hall. Dressed in sparkly maroon suits, the four teenage dancers practice their suave choreography one last time before heading inside to surprise the audience of friends and family that has gathered for Alyssa’s quinceañera. “We’re really late,” says Abraham Navarro, the 24-year-old who runs the whole show. The performers’ chill energy and pristine suits mask the fact that this is their fifth quinceañera of the day; four in Houston, and one in Austin, two and a half hours away. Navarro tells me how stressful it is to run a business, but at this point he’s become a pro at doing “fifteens,” as he calls the birthday…

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