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Texas State Bobcats head coach G. J. Kinne celebrates during a game between the Bobcats and the Baylor Bears on September 2, 2023 in Waco.Deion Sanders was college football’s hottest name this season after he infused the University of Colorado with seventy new players through high school recruiting and the NCAA transfer portal. Less attention went to the team with the second-largest overhaul: the Texas State Bobcats, who added 53 new faces to their roster.Somehow, first-year Texas State head coach G. J. Kinne forged a 7–5 team from all those new faces, proving wrong the peers who warned him Texas State could be a career-killer. Kinne’s two most recent predecessors in San Marcos compiled a 20–63 record over the previous seven seasons. Now, the Bobcats are headed to their first-ever bowl game, against Rice University in the First Responder Bowl on December 26.The Bobcats’ historic turnaround has earned Kinne a…

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