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Texas Birders Are Going Cuckoo for the Cattle Tyrant, a Bird Never Before Seen in North AmericaCorpus Christi is home to more than two hundred species of birds: endemic and exotic, migratory and mainland, gigantic as a whooping crane and tiny as a ruby-throated hummingbird. This stunning variety of avian life at the elbow of the Texas Gulf Coast has repeatedly earned the city the title of “Birdiest City in America,” awarded by the Audubon Society. For decades the region’s bounty has drawn considerable interest from birders and anyone else who deals in binoculars and birdseed. But times change. Things are different now. There’s a new player on the scene—and he is sensational. So sensational that, until further notice, all other feathered denizens of the greater Corpus Christi area have been demoted to the role of background dancers supporting their new…

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