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Conroe-Defiance-Press-Right-wing-book-publishersIn Texas, freedom of speech has recently been sidelined by a new liberty: freedom from speech. Novels are being pulled off the shelves of school libraries in suburban Houston; the Legislature is circumscribing drag performances across the state; universities are suspending professors for criticizing public officials. The owner of Defiance Press, an upstart publishing house, has seen enough. Last January at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds, just north of Houston, he hosted a rally against censorship. In front of a reproduction of the Alamo church’s facade, dissidents took the stage to protest, though their main targets—schoolteachers, liberals in general, and, oddly, drag queens—might not have been what you’d expect. To hear Defiance’s owner, David Thomas Roberts, tell it, censorship isn’t necessarily affiliated with a specific party, but…

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