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Javier Treviño at his studio, on November 15, 2023.The guayabera has a long, rich history, but Javier Treviño’s versions aren’t throwbacks. His shirts, made by hand in the studio above his Divide & Conquer Denim & Leather shop, in downtown San Antonio, are simultaneously pop art and haute couture. On my last visit I saw a bright red guayabera with wavy orange and green stitching on the pleats. I was also drawn to one with a wild print depicting punk rock cockatoos riding on skateboards. The guayabera’s origin is uncertain. Many claim that it was first adopted by Cuban fieldworkers, who wanted a shirt with pockets (a guayabera has four), while others believe it was developed in the Philippine Islands. Because it’s typically made of lightweight fabric and worn untucked, it’s ideal for hot…

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