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Zain Shafi of Sabar BBQ.Back in May, I spent a languid Saturday afternoon with Zain Shafi. We were taste-testing recipes for his new joint, Sabar BBQ, inspired by his Pakistani culture, that opened this fall in Fort Worth. I tried his ethereal seekh kebab sausage, a beef link spiced with freshly ground cumin, coriander, cardamom, and chiles. Seekh kebabs are traditionally made with minced beef and spices, hand-formed into cylinders around a skewer, and grilled. Let’s just say his sausage version made me question the very core of the centuries-old practice.As we dug into cumin-crusted lamb ribs and fruit chaat (fruit salad dusted with black salt and other spices), Shafi talked about the challenges and joys of opening a barbecue business. As fellow South Asians, Muslims, Southerners, and Americans,…

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