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Oxy Deal Could Yield Billions For Tim Dunn’s Political EffortsTim Dunn contains multitudes. His roles include West Texas billionaire, powerful behind-the-scenes right-wing political activist and donor, Christian nationalist, lay preacher, and grandfather. And he may soon cross another—oilman—off the list, giving him more time for his other interests.The Wall Street Journal reports that Houston-based Occidental Petroleum is in talks to acquire CrownRock, the jewel of Dunn’s CrownQuest Operating company. CrownRock owns the wells and oil reserves; CrownQuest harvests the fossil fuels. Presumably, after the deal, Occidental would take over operations, leaving CrownQuest with little to do.The newspaper says the deal could be worth more than $10 billion. Not all of it will go to Dunn. The headline figure includes debt, and a Houston private equity firm, Lime Rock, owns an estimated 60 percent of…

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