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south texas rgv conservatives Monica de la CruzAdrienne Peña-Garza remembers the insults as vividly as the triumphs. In 2018 she succeeded in her campaign to lead the Hidalgo County Republican party, based in McAllen, becoming the first-ever Latina to sit as chair. Her feelings of pride, however, were undercut by the scorn she evoked from some neighbors, who called her a race traitor. One day, she heard a noise outside the party office. When she looked out the window, two women were taking a sledgehammer to a coconut, smashing it open. The symbolism wasn’t subtle. Looking at the cracked shell, Peña-Garza could see the brown on the outside and the white on the inside. Back in 2018, such expressions of disdain were regularly flung at Republicans in Hidalgo County. Perhaps because of…

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