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Rep. Van Taylor, R-Texas, walks up the House steps for a vote in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2020.There are worse ways to take the pulse of conservatives in North Texas than listening to Mark Davis. The veteran AM talker, who used to fill in for Rush Limbaugh, has been a fixture of drive-time right-wing radio, mostly in Dallas, for forty years. He also writes an occasional column for the Dallas Morning News and maintains a lively Twitter account. But perhaps his most influential role is interviewer and enforcer. The Mark Davis Show on 660 AM/“The Answer” is a frequent forum for Texas Republican elected officials; they go on his chummy show to commiserate, to celebrate, to break news—and occasionally to be scolded by Davis for various transgressions. The latter was the order of the day for Congressman Van Taylor last May. Taylor’s transgression?…

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